AI-driven human centric metaverse

Focused on 7 basic human instincts, designed using urban planning principles. At Vault Hill, every element of our metaverse is designed to make you feel more human and connected.

Vault Hill City

Vault Hill City

Become a part of the Vault Hill City metaverse and build on your land using our "NO CODE" builder tool to help showcase your products and services.


NFT Marketplace

Vault Hill City is your gateway to monetising digital assets. Sell your NFTs on our secondary market, buy wearables for your avatar, bundle NFTs to save on transaction fees using our deflationary token and selected cryptocurrencies.



Make your Ai-powered avatar stand out by customizing it. Add digital wearables to it to look cool. Brands and designers will be able to upload their wearable designs to our wearable catalogue.



We provide VR and 3D experiences for brands to showcase their products and services in an immersive and dynamic manner. Let our Architects and XR Developers help you reach your goals in our metaverse

AI Makes Us Different

The metaverse is often associated with a space designed for gamers to immerse themselves in free and unrestricted environments. However, at Vault Hill AI, we are creating a distinct version of the metaverse that caters to everyone.

Although our platform encourages boundless creativity, it primarily focuses on enhancing human experiences. At Vault Hill, we use AI to ensure that every interaction contributes to one's personal growth and understanding of others. These encounters enrich daily life by providing insights into self-expression or gaining greater empathy towards others.


The 7 Districts

Vault Hill is the first decentralized urban planning-led metaverse designed to make you feel more human every time you visit. With the help of architects and urban planning experts, we’ve designed a wondrous city that is split into 4 islands, each containing 7 districts. These 7 districts are themed into experiences that support the basic human instincts of



[District Beta]

Flock to District Beta when the urge to have fun and let loose strikes. Experiences here are abundant and enjoyable, like dancing, social gatherings, happy hours, concerts, group events and more.

Explore VR at Vault Hill City

Bring your imagination to life with our fully immersive VR simulations that showcase our humanity and enable us to visualize our creativity.

Explore VR at Vault Hill City

Explore AR at Vault Hill City

Project your creativity onto the real world with our AR capabilities. The added functionality to create a URL to showcase this on any AR enabled smart phone is one that makes your products or services stand out during a sales pitch.

Explore AR at Vault Hill City